As part of their course work, students from the Bachelor of Interior DesignAssociate Degree Interior Decoration and Design and Diploma Interior Decoration and Design were invited to engage in a design competition aimed at providing the New Academic Street with a purpose-built “Maker Space” within the City campus library.

This unique opportunity gave students design influence on the NAS project and exposed them to industry experts from Lyons architecture and Schiavello interiors.

Eleven designs were shortlisted from the applications and the top five were invited to pitch to a panel made up of industry professionals and experts.

The winner, Keira Kailun Wu, will take up a summer internship with Lyons architecture firm.

Watch this space for updates about the build process and, in the meantime, check out the fantastic designs below, including Keira’s winning design proposal, Making Fun.

Maker Space – The Competition

Keira Kailun Wu - Winner

Lisa Carnell - Top five shortlisted

Theodosius Ng - Top five shortlisted

Sonya Nguyen - Top five shortlisted

Anastasia Thea Wiradinata - Top five shortlisted

Meet the Makers

Keira Kailun Wu, Interior Design (Honours), 3rd year

Originally from China, Keira came to Australia three years ago to study design at a tertiary level. She started her university life with an accelerated Design Foundation course at RMIT. She is passionate about interior design, and finds it to be the best course for her as she gets excited every time she starts a project.

Lisa Carnell, Bachelor Interior Design (Honours), 3rd Year

Graduating with a Certificate III in Digital Film and TV in 2008, Lisa has always been captivated by viscerality of environment. This need to create space with feeling led her to graduate in both Arts Administration and Film school in 2010. Lisa began the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) to learn how to build the environments she’d been capturing through a lens in real time, to be inhabited, lived in and enjoyed.

Theodosius Ng, Associate Degree of Interior Decoration and Design, 2nd Year

With the ambition of an idealist and the drive of a realist, Theodosius is inspired by his artistic mother and musician father, as well as his immigrant heritage. He feels constantly immersed in creativity and wonder. Theodosius aims to work with an almost ethereal yet grounded quality; evoking spirituality in space through genius loci – sense of place.

Sonya Nguyen, Interior Design (Honours), 3rd year

Sonya is passionate about design and its many facades. Throughout her study at RMIT University, she has discovered and honed new skill sets and knowledge. Sonya believes that design is about more than its technical aspect. A design becomes a design through human interactions, how people can activate a space – spatially and atmospherically. Being a student herself, Sonya was captivated by the New Academic Street’s student-centred design, especially the “Makers Space”; a project for students, by students.

Anastasia Thea Wiradinata, Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours), 3rd Year

Anastasia is Indonesian, and currently finishing her last year of study in the Bachelor of Interior Design. She believes that design can enhance the social experience of a space and also inspire and connect the people that inhabit it.

Andreas Egatanto - Top 11 shortlisted

James Pazzi - Top 11 shortlisted

Jessica Novia - Top 11 shortlisted

Lien Nguyen - Top 11 shortlisted

Niklas Schmitz - Top 11 shortlisted

Elissa Then - Top 11 shortlisted

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