As we move closer to the hand back of NAS Stage Two works in early-2017 the final stage, which mostly impacts Building 8 up to level 7, has started.

The focus of works shift to Building 8 with the big impacts, the closure of the Swanston Street entrance, and the closure of the level 4 walkway from Bowen Street through to the Building 10, 12 and 14 lift well.

This means temporary changes to access pathways from Saturday 26 November, including:

  • Building 14 Swanston Street entry opening for wheelchair and mobility impaired access only
  • Building 12 main¬†entry leading to the Building 12 and 14 lift well on level 4
  • Building 10 the entry is open but you will need to walk up the stairs to level 7 to catch a lift to the floors above (no Building 10 lifts b/w levels 4-6 while SP2 is delivered)
  • Building 8 stairway entry is closed until mid-2017
  • Building 8 main entry lift well via the lane off Swanston Street is open
  • Building 8 entry off Bowen Street is open with access to escalators from level 4 BUT no access through to Building 10
  • Building 8, level 9 walkway to Building 10 stays open.
    Building 8, level 9 walkway to Building 10 stays open.