Live @ Media Street showcased the new Media precinct with three bands, DJs and design stalls. The stage was set with a full sound system and lights, and music students worked behind the scenes to make sure everything ran smoothly. Students swapped their usual coffees for a different sort of afternoon pick-me-up – with free cider, craft beers and spirits, as well as free popcorn and fairy floss.

Birdhouse _ WYSIWYG

Birdhouse’s bass-heavy tunes caught everyone’s attention as the afternoon kicked off. Students gathered around the new stage while others watched from the balconette walkways above – even NAS construction workers stopped by to find out what was making more noise than they were! The live event  boomed with an  atmosphere  that felt more like a Saturday afternoon than a quiet Thursday afternoon at university.


As the girls of DJ Groove Empress eased into their set, students mingled with the RMIT Design Stall holders just outside the concert space. Many crafts were on offer including jewellery, henna, art prints and terrariums. Cesar Marulanda, a Bachelor of Industrial Design student was selling his sustainable bags and accessories made from recycled plastic.


“It’s been very nice being able to show fellow students what I do,” Cesar said of the market.


“The traffic has been great as students have come or gone from class, and [the stalls] have been a great way for people to be aware of the new media space.”


As classes finished for the day, the space quickly filled up in time for indie-rock band Soft Corporate.  Troy Sheehan, band vocalist and RMIT student, mesmerised onlookers, alternating between the keyboard and guitar.

With high energy, synth-like guitar and distorted vocals, Osaka wrapped up the afternoon by treating students to tracks from their new EP Manoeuvres. With a few students already knowing the words enough to sing along, Osaka ended the event on a high note.


Soft Corporate - WYSIWYG

The NAS Media Street, now in its final stages, will be able to house fashion shows, product launches, and – as Live @ Media Street demonstrated – live music! The event gave students a chance to get familiar with the Swanston Street entrance and the new spaces available in the updated building. Patricio Munoz who has been studying VCE with RMIT was wandering through the new NAS additions for the first time.


“It’s wonderful. It’s got all the things we need and that a student requires. I didn’t mind the old library, but modern is always better; technology gets more advanced and therefore it benefits everyone in the end. [The building now] feels more welcoming and friendlier,” he said.


“I find these sorts of events are great; it’s very interactive and it brings everyone together in order to see the new architecture of the new building.”


With 18 performers, seven stallholders and 500 people in attendance, Live @ Media Street was a great success.

words and images : Nikki Russian