‘Infinity Landscape’ explores urban ecology, suggesting that limited space can be expanded through the use of the idea of an infinity cube.


It was produced by Sophie Rong, public artist and landscape architect, currently studying Master of Arts (Art in public space) at RMIT. Using high quality timber tables, hand-built two-way mirror boxes, LED lighting, and indigenous plants, Sophie has created functional art that offers some rare greenery in Rodda Lane’s concrete jungle.

The artwork comprises of two 350 mm-wide infinity cubes containing indigenous plants from Victoria. These infinite extensions of green urban space form an intriguing visual and emotional atmosphere.

With the RMIT City Campus currently under a state of transformation due to the construction of the NAS project, Sophie’s art responds to the question: “What role can be played by urban planting in the context of public art during this dynamic state of construction?”

Commissioned as a piece of nomadic-themed art, ‘Infinity Landscape’ will start its exhibition at Coffee Nomad and move around to new locations across campus over its lifespan.



Urban Animators: Living Laboratory is sponsored by the NAS project with support from the RMIT Centre for Art, Society and Transformation (CAST). The program is curated by Grace Leone (CAST).

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