IloveNASGCWYSIWYGNAS had gifts for everyone on Valentine’s Day, with free coffee, NAS-branded lip gloss and heart-shaped balloons to celebrate the opening of the new student spaces. After free fairy floss from the temporary RMIT Connect, the I Love NAS event enticed students to Building 10 to get a feel for the new heart of the city campus.

New Academic Street Project Manager, Marcus Bailey, proved he really does love NAS by spending his Valentine’s Day giving students the very first tour of the new study spaces on level 5 – opened just in time for the new semester. With part of the new library set to open soon, Marcus explained: “The further away from the library, the less formal and the more interactive the space becomes” to create an expanse of areas that cater to each student and their study preference.

The newly renovated level features private and open-plan meeting areas, a unique study space (with seating and standing options depending on the type of collaboration or private study) and an airy “Japanese-inspired” study area that features lots of natural light and will open out onto one of the new terraces.


Among the first to check out the new NAS spaces were a group of Diploma of Building Design students who were quick to bring out their laptops to try out the spaces. Hakim Ahmed was most impressed with the “Japanese-inspired” study area,

“It’s unique. Especially the chill area where you can relax after you study.”

Describing NAS overall, Joshua Bailey added,

 “It’s really good. These stand out from the other student spaces. They should renovate the other buildings like this!”

While students snapped selfies under the balloon-filled NAS marquee, The Hall was open to explore. The Innovation Design Showcase (IDS) will allow students to showcase their work in an open space, with the opportunity to collaborate with others by broadcasting their work into other classrooms and study areas, even in another country.

The new Campus Store will make buying study essentials and RMIT apparel easier, and retail plans revealed food providers such as Boost Juice, STREAT and Holy Guacamole (among others) will cut back time spent finding coffee or lunch.

With multiple vantage points from level 4 and a panoptic view of The Hall from above, it will be easy to find a place to relax or study wherever you are.

If you missed out on NAS’s Valentine’s Day festivities, drop by Building 10 to check out the three brand-new study spaces you’re sure to fall in love with!