The Innovative Design Showcase (IDS) on Tuesday March 14 felt more like a private club than a student space at RMIT. Muffled beats could be heard from down the hall. At the door, there was a security guard and barriers for the line. Entrants were asked to provide ID and a NAS invitation. In return: access to the party and two free drink cards.

Inside, the music was blasting and students were scattered all over the IDS. An open bar served beer and wine while NAS staff carried platters piled high with sushi. Students enjoyed their drinks and gathered around tables, talking and laughing. Even those sitting alone at corner tables pulled into groups for friendly conversation.

The IDS was bustling with activity. There was a line-up for the drinks and people rushed to the servers whenever more sushi was coming around. The DJ played new and old favourites from the decks, complete with a coloured light show behind him. It didn’t take long for a couple of dancers to take to the dance floor and crowd formed around them as they performed. Others joined in and there was some competition. Impressive moves were met with loud cheering and applause.

The IDS proved to be the perfect; the lights reflected off the curved surface of the metallic grey ceiling and the space was easily able to accommodate a dance floor, bar and tables for all the guests. The completion of the New Academic Street and opening of new student spaces will definitely provide more exciting social opportunities like this one.

Words by Christie McQualter