InText - MartiniThe NAS team called in mixologists from Melbourne Martini to teach students how to make the perfect espresso martini for the #DiscoverNAS Espresso Martini Workshop. Drinks all around!

The brand new student kitchenette on level 2 of Building 14 was chosen as the location for the Espresso Martini workshop on April 4, courtesy of the NAS team and the Melbourne Martini company, ‘creators of premium ready-to-go cocktails in a jar’.. The space features a wall of microwaves and a lounge decked out with tables and comfortable seating. An open bar, freshly made cheese toasties and a free mixology lesson attracted students from all corners of RMIT.

Melbourne Martini representatives, came to talk about their business and teach students how to make espresso martinis. They talked about their unique bottled cold drip coffee blend, which can last up to a year and erases the need to make a fresh espresso shot for each drink. They also discussed the decision to use a jar to serve espresso martinis – because it can be used like a cocktail shaker, allowing individuals to add whatever they want and see the product through the clear glass.

Intext 2 - Martini

Students were split into groups and asked to guess the ratio of ingredients used in creating the delicious Melbourne Martinis – though there was no way the creators were willing to spill the beans on their company’s secret recipe. Samples of the original cocktail, as well as the salted caramel variety, were passed around so that students could taste for themselves to get a better idea of what they’d be aiming for.

The initial flavour is firmly espresso, with a kick of vodka quickly following before it mellows out with a fruity finish thanks to a nip of orange. For those with a sweet tooth, the salted caramel variation is the same, but with a massive punch of sweetness thanks to the rich smoky syrup flavour.

Students created their own martinis, based on the ratios they had decided. They mixed the cold drip coffee, vodka, dark and light sugar syrups and caramel into their own unique blends.

Intext 3 - Martini

Students enjoyed their espressos and some tunes while they got to know each other. Students were from a variety of backgrounds, such as design, writing and economics. The vibes in the kitchen and seating area made for easy socialisation and plenty of laughter.

NAS staff handed out free drink cards and cheese toasties done right ­– crunchy, cheesy goodness sprinkled with a hint of salt. They were the perfect accompaniment to the strong coffee flavour and enough to warm everyone up on an autumn afternoon.

Check out for more information about the espresso martinis and where to buy them.


Words: Christie McQualter