Intext 1 - Tea
The NAS project office well and truly put the ‘T’ into ‘RMIT’ this week when they ran three tea blending workshops in Building 14’s new Student Kitchenette, giving leaf-loving students the opportunity to create their very own custom tea blend as part of #DiscoverNAS activities.

NAS’s Student Experience Project Manager (and resident tea expert) Janeene Payne led groups of students through scent tests to begin the workshop, introducing various blends from the Brunswick based artisanal tea house ‘Impala + Peacock’.  The flavours on offer included (but weren’t limited to) rosemary, lavender, rose, mandarin, echinacea and ginger, each boasting their own specific physical and mental health benefits.

“Rosemary can increase brain function and improve memory, which might give you a competitive edge when you’re trying to nab an HD this semester”, Janeene explained, “and cacao tea can be used as an alternative to your morning latte, because it actually contains more caffeine than coffee beans”.

Intext 2 - Tea

With the Easter break on the horizon and semester one deadlines looming, the tea workshop came at a welcome time for students looking for different ways to get through the challenges of university life. Third year advertising student Caitlyn Dowling, a self-confessed tea enthusiast who regularly volunteers at the Melbourne Tea Festival, alluded to this, remarking:

“Drinking tea is great for self-care, especially as everyone in my course is getting sick. Usually I lean towards chai, but recently I’ve started drinking more green tea – in winter I drink lots of ginger tea with lemon and herbs to keep my immunity up.”


Intext 3 - Tea

As attendees enjoyed a range of tea blends on the comfy chairs that circle the Student Kitchenette, NAS staff took full advantage of the new cooking facilities and served up free cheese toasties to hungry students before they left to enjoy the rest of their day on campus.

You can learn more about #DiscoverNAS events here.

Words: Katharine Chomkowicz