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Behind the Hoarding (BTH) is an educational video series that was created by the NAS team throughout the life of the project so that students can utilise the program as a case study.

The films showcase the building works in the NAS project, as well as interviews with industry professionals and key stakeholders, to create ‘real-life’ examples of problems, issues and challenges encountered when undertaking a large and complex construction project.

These case study films are intended for classroom use, so they include 8-12 minute full-length videos, shorter promotional versions, as well as resources such as teaching guides, structured questions, further reading lists and links to relevant RMIT programs.

This series has been designed, with the help of academic staff, to be used by RMIT staff in classrooms across a variety of streams, from construction to architecture, engineering, design, PR and others. We’ve created everything necessary to effectively run a tutorial/classroom.

There are 12 videos in the Behind the Hoarding series and a further 2 ‘unofficial’ videos:

  • Welcome to the Building Site
  • Concrete 101
  • Steel Structures
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement
  • Services Integration
  • Interns of NAS
  • The Garden Building
  • Retail Fit Out
  • Sustainability in NAS
  • Communications and Engagement
  • Installing the Tower Crane (Unofficial)
  • The Power Shutdown (Unofficial).

The complete versions of the BTH video series and educational guides will be able available in the next couple of weeks. For access to them, login into the RMIT library website and search the Library’s Digital Collections, Library Learning and Teaching Collection.

Please contact Belinda Kennedy for more information.


words by: Belinda Kennedy