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Our vision

The new Student Hall’s design and feel have been driven by a customer-centric model for student services that was designed in response to student feedback.


Our inspiration

The Hall is centrally located just inside the main NAS entrance. Not only will be the central identifiable space for staff and student interaction, it will also be the location for the main escalators – accessing the upper levels. There are views up into the new library spaces from here, as well as the services components on upper levels and the vertical circulation path through new voids, glazed balustrades and walls. The space is designed to be warm and inviting while emphasising movement and function.



Running across level 4 of Buildings 8, 10 and 12, the NAS student services model will accommodate the full spectrum of student enquiries while making facilities super-user-friendly and fast.

Features of The Hall

Multi-modal system

The new service model for student interaction (developed separately by the Academic Portfolio) is multi-modal: if you just need to check something quickly, like a course enrolment query, you can book an appointment on your laptop or smart phone and head off for a coffee. When its your turn, you’ll be sent a text. Or you can use self-help kiosks. For longer enquiries and in depth support, dedicated private spaces for consultation are planned. Roaming concierge staff (students employed by the University) will assist with short queries, with staff matched to busy and quieter times. Students can use the space as a social lounge area whilst waiting for a consultation; with features such as service kiosks that transform into student desks when not in use.

Warm, welcoming and open

The Hall’s architectural design defines it as a distinct in form and volume. From the main approach from Swanston Street, the ‘outside’ of the Hall is clad in bluestone over existing columns of Building 10. Across the threshold, the ‘interior’ of the Hall is lined with timber-veneered panels, which create an immediate welcoming impression and marks the Hall as a destination. The carpeted floor and perforated veneered plywood ceilings create a quieter and less active atmosphere compared to the surrounding arcades.

A Hall in two halves

The Student Hall is a large enough space to be split into two ‘halves’ – in building 10 and in Casey plaza. The architectural design is informed by this distinction.

Under Building 10; the Hall is a double-volume space with views to the level 5 Swanston Library space above. Furniture and joinery is aligned with the bluestone columns and is designed more formally with permanent desks, kiosks and signage.

The layout of the ‘half’ under the Casey Building is focused around a large skylight that provides natural light and views to upper levels. Furnishings and joinery are located directly under the void in order to benefit most from the natural light, as well as to reinforce the circulation routes through the Hall. The furnishings are also more casual, including fixed seating plinths and banquets. This area will enable student-staff consultation to be undertaken in informal settings and will allow for the Hall to cater for larger capacities of students and more staff at peak periods.

Precinct Timeline

October 2015

Interim Connect Building completed

The Interim RMIT Connect in Building 8 is completed and opened to students.

November 2016

Connect moving to temporary location

RMIT Connect to be based in Building 28, level 3 while The Hall precinct is finished - Early 2017.

Early 2017

The Hall Completed

Building on The Hall will be completed on 1 February and delivered in stages through early 2017

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