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Our vision

The specialist spaces offer a unique opportunity to showcase RMIT and our students in radical ways. Each space gives us the ability to present our students’ work in an adaptable, flexible, multipurpose way.


Our inspiration

Multi-purpose, state-of-the art spaces that students and staff can use to keep RMIT at the forefront of education and training. These spaces are future-proof, adaptable areas where RMIT can showcase various projects and initiatives, communicate and collaborate directly with students and industry partners as well as show the world around us what we are up to.

Feature Specialist Spaces


The IDS is a multipurpose space which can be used for a range of RMIT student work showcases. The area will be technologically rich with A/V systems, automated dropdown screens, high-quality projectors, and flexible stage lighting. IDS is object led and is suited to the use of mobile technologies and physical objects associated with RMIT research and teaching.

The adaptability of the space will allow furniture and display elements to be packed away and concealed when not in use. IDS can operate under Lounge Mode, a couple of event modes and a Display Mode.

Experience Design Centre

The Experience Design Centre is a space where amazing things can happen! This space is designed to allow us to co-design and innovate the student, alumni and industry experience directly with them. Located at the top of the Building 8 main entry stairs, this unique facility will use a combination of immersive video technologies, trained facilitators and researchers using business improvement methodologies to solve business problems.

Underpinned by RMIT’s strategic objective to prepare students for life and work, the Experience Design Centre will host workshops and showcase sessions to design, build and test solutions for academics and industry. For example; creating an immersive virtual reality experience for logistics students loading an aircraft on a live working airport tarmac.

A concierge will host the space that will be open for student, staff and industry partners to use.

Contact cx@rmit.edu.au for bookings and workshop support.

Sustainability Space

The ‘Sustainability Space’ in Building 10, Level 4 of the NAS development will be a flexible, interactive and informative exhibition and discussion space for sustainability.

The space will educate students and staff on the sustainability of the NAS development and other sustainability projects across RMIT, whilst demonstrating how to be more sustainable on campus.

Interactive displays will be curated to highlight the work of the University’s Sustainability Committee and for schools and research areas to showcase sustainability-themed work and innovations.

The space will be an inclusive area where students and staff can meet to express their opinions with peers in regards to sustainability on both local and global scales. Throughout the year the space will be used to promote sustainability related events, such as Earth Hour, Fair Trade Fortnight and Sustainability Week.

For more information on sustainability at RMIT email sustainability@rmit.edu.au

Job Shop

The Job Shop is a drop-in space, staffed by students (Peer Career Assistants) who are trained to introduce their peers to RMIT’s Careers and Employability service. It’s open five days a week and all students are welcome to come along. Students can access employer and graduate program information, find out about, and sign up to, our many programs and events (like careers fairs), and meet industry and recruiters that are interested in recruiting RMIT students.

A great service at Job Shop is the free, on-the-spot resume reviews we offer to student drop-ins. We also run our drop-in career consultant sessions. We recommend Job Shop as the first stop for students who have any kind of career or experience-related questions.

Precinct Timeline

November 2015

Building Commences

Building commences on the NAS Specialist Spaces

Early 2017-Mid 2017

Building Completed

The NAS Specialist Spaces will be delivered in stages from early 2017 onward.

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