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Our Vision

The Retail Activation District offers a diverse, urban food and beverage experience for students, staff and the general public with a tenant mix that’s progressive, forward-thinking, innovative and boutique. NAS Retail areas will align themselves with the new laneways and thus maximise exposure to pedestrian flows.


Our inspiration

As a hub for campus life, the Retail Activation District will offer a unique range of foods, goods and services. With clearly distinct materials and finishing choices across all of the retail zones, the eclectic design inspiration echoes the diverse retail offerings while still being coherent in design. The precinct will actively engage people by providing visually enticing design.

Features of the Retail Activation District

Diverse Tenancies

More than 10 tenancies will be provided over 4 floors – engaging with the RMIT community via unique fit out designs, offerings and shop types. From kiosks to fully-fledged retail the retail precinct will in many ways feel just like an extension of the CBD.

Servicing all ‘times of the day’, RMIT students and staff will be able to enjoy a range of products from breakfast until evening, socialising within the many surrounding lounges and landscaped areas.

RAD POD pop-ups

The Retail Activation District Providing Opportunities for Development (RAD POD)  model is an innovative and diverse concept for budding entrepreneurs. The modular and flexible ‘pop-ups’ will provide students, alumni and industry partners with an opportunity to offer new products and services, with competitive price points, diversity and sustainability at the forefront of the commercial approach. There will be a total of four pop-ups –  two food & beverage offers and two retail product areas, with operators  changing on a regular basis to ensure diversity and engagement via change. The pop-ups will also provide an opportunity for students and mentors to get together in real retail settings – allowing for students to book the spaces to launch and run their budding businesses within a CBD location.

Learn more about the RAD PODs

Retail built around research, student feedback and student needs

The New Academic Street Retail Activation District has been designed and developed with RMIT students as the key inspiration.

Two years of research and student engagement were undertaken to ensure that the retail offer was a bespoke operation that would attract students to ‘own’ their campus; through socialising, study, peer to peer engagement and much more. The retail precinct is there to help develop and improve student engagement at RMIT and to provide a better campus environment.

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