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Our vision

With NAS, the RMIT City campus has literally gone green, with gardens scattered throughout the campus and new levels of sustainability. Creating oases is central to the design scheme with new green roof spaces that will help the city adapt to climate change, enhance the urban environment and create social spaces for staff and students.


Our inspiration

We want to ‘soften the urban edge’ of the city campus for both sustainability and experiential reasons. Melbourne is known for its gardens and parks and RMIT’ campus will be too. Our gardens feature cutting-edge sustainable design as well as being great places to hang out and relax.

Features of the Garden Building and Terraces

Garden Building

The Garden Building, outside buildings 8 and 10, is characterised by its greenery. The four-level open-sided structure is an open garden space designed for year-round use. A feeling of abundance will be created by TCL’s proposed landscaping strategy: planting colourful variety and ‘small edible plants’; working with available light levels and microclimates; and horticultural change as one moves up the different levels of the structure. Rooftop terrace and lower level balconies are oriented in different directions to respond to light and view. It’s designed to be used all year round and utilises cutting edge eco-design.

Sky Gardens

There are two new roof terraces in the New Academic Street development – above Casey and Gillespie in-fill buildings. Each is designed to provide different opportunities and environments for staff and student. These diverse spaces respond to the adjacent designs for the buildings.

The roof terrace above the Casey Building is an active and dynamic meeting space, composed of vibrantly planted raised garden beds, continuous seating areas and sculpted landforms. It reflects its architectural context, carrying the design of Casey Building’s folded and louvered facades into the outdoor space.

The roof terrace above the Gillespie plaza is a passive, green environment. The planted rooftop landscape is a textured field of evergreen plant such as low ferns and bamboos, complimented by flowering groundcover species. Test garden beds have been designed with RMIT’s Green Roof Research team and will provide opportunities for ‘living laboratories’.

Bowen Terrace

Bowen Terrace is the new heart to the Campus’s external spaces. It is comprised of a recycled Australian timber decked surface, bluestone paving and new street furnishings – including custom seating, bins drinking fountains and bike racks. Flora species selection addresses the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Strategy to ensure resilience of species for the site’s conditions.

The Terrace has been designed to allow for major events such as graduation and orientation – where large crowds will be able to use the space unencumbered. The space can also be utilised for smaller events – such as student clubs or music days – and day-to-day activities – such as dining, meeting, learning, seating and studying.

Precinct Timeline

4 October 2016

Garden Building Commences

Digging commenced for the sustainable Garden Building.

Early 2017

Bowen Street Public Realm Completed

Bowen Street Public Realm, Library Terraces and Balconies will be completed and handed back in early 2017

Mid 2017

Garden Building Completed

The Garden Building, as well as the Casey and Gillespie rooftop terraces, are scheduled to be completed in mid-2017.

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