For many staff members at RMIT, the NAS Project has had a significant impact on their day-to-day job, over many years. With two-thirds of the project being handed back in early 2017 – we are now getting close to the finishing line and the truth is that we couldn’t have delivered this project without the resilience, flexibility, tolerance and agility of many RMIT staff members.

We’d like to call out some of our staff members as the real Heroes of NAS – because their efforts have made a genuine difference to how the project has impacted on RMIT operations, on students and staff.

NAS Staff Heroes

David Beesly and Rowan Humphrey

David and Rowan, from the School of Media and Communication, have been instrumental in the design, development and implementation of the NAS Media Precinct. They’ve both put in countless time and energy in on top of their day jobs.

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Dominique Comber-Sticca

Dominique Comber-Sticca took on the challenging role of developing the new retail precinct in the NAS Project. Despite the RMIT’s tricky CBD location, the Project Officer has found a way to engage RMIT with the outside world.

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Glenn Newell

Since the pre-NAS works, Glenn Newell has been working hard to make sure that staff and students are able to work and study in a fantastic environment.

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Warrick Burgess and Miklos Lipcsey

Warrick and Miklos, from Timetabling, have been both pro- and re- active, finding spaces around the campus to help relocate bot short and long term so that students and staff can get on with learning and teaching while the NAS project creates great new facilities.

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Monika Engelhard

Monika Engelhard helped spread the word as the NAS project launched. Through marketing and business development channels she’s championed the end result and worked toward making the project a positive experience for everyone involved.

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Peter Martin

Peter is a Senior Analyst in Space Planning for Property Services. He identifies ways to utilise space across the RMIT campus. Throughout the NAS project he has helped to move staff affected by NAS noisy works, responded to problems quickly and created solutions, regularly attended and contributed in meetings and displayed excellent stakeholder skills.

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Phil Francis

Phil Francis and the ultra-sensitive electron microscopes in the facility he manages have been tested by the NAS construction project but a deep-seated desire to do the right thing by his colleagues has seen him and his team manoeuvre through some operational obstacles.

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Stephen Gillespie

The Swanston Library is one of the spaces most affected by the NAS project, and most in need of an upgrade. Stephen Gillespie has been involved since day one, back in 2012, when they were doing workshops with the architects, Lyons, to work out the types of spaces the new Swanston Library would need.

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Stuart Hortin

Stuart is a Senior Safety Advisor for RMIT Property Services. He is committed to the NAS program. He has developed and implemented strategy and creates solutions to issues both pro- and re- actively. His forensic focus on safety has been an invaluable help on the project.

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Tom Hennessy

Tom is a a Client Relations Manager in Property Services – his portfolio is the SEH College which has been impacted by the NAS works and is the project’s sponsor. He regularly attends meetings, stays across his brief and follows up details within his College. Tom has been a great liaison between SEH and the NAS project, solving issues and keeping all parties informed.

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Amanda Bennett

Amanda is a multi-tasker, spending much of her time tending to the NAS precinct making sure everything is clean and in working order.

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Angela Crawford

Angela’s can-do attitude and determined nature means that she consistently met her deadlines while keeping in mind the needs of her colleagues and students.

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Jayeeta Das and Daniel Quintero

Daniel and Jayeeta have worked extensively across the NAS precinct and the RMIT City campus to make sure staff and students remain connected with existing and upgraded technology.

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Margaret Blakeney

As a union delegate, Margaret is determined the ensure the health and safety of her fellow colleagues remains a number one priority.

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Robert Morgans

Robert works closely with Property Services and the NAS Project team to make sure that the project’s goals are met, and that staff and students have clean, safe, exciting safes to work in.

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Russell Lightfoot

Security Manager, Russell and his team are always ready for the numerous situations they face on a daily basis at RMIT. With the safety of staff, students and the general public a top-priority, Russell is always busy.

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