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Feature Article - "Tech It Out: New Technology Hits RMIT"

In a time where students are creating more multimedia and technologically aided projects than ever before, the need for a platform on which they can engage and share it has never been higher. RMIT’s New Academic Street will deliver this platform as it brings a new world of modern technologies to the doorstep of students at the City campus. 


New Academic Street (NAS) is set to be completed in mid-2017, with the creation of laneways, new student spaces and improvements in technology at the forefront of its design. These new technologies will encourage creativity and collaboration by linking students with industry professionals, alumni, and other students from different areas of study.

The advancements of technology begin on level two at the newly developed Media Precinct. The ‘RMIT @ Work’ space is designed for students to create and display their projects or deliver events. This area will inspire Media and Communication students with untapped ability to share their usually private work to the public sphere. It will promote students to take pride in their work and collaborate with those around them.

tvstudiosThe new TV studios coming to NAS


The Media Precinct is enhanced by the implementation of four new TV studios featuring two control rooms. These spaces go unmatched by other universities making RMIT the leader in providing hands-on experience for students aiming for a career in the media industry. Practical learning is a highly sought after element that students now require from their degree. The ability to get a taste of what future work may endure whilst also being able to exhibit real world experience will give them an edge in the industry and kick-start their career.

The Blackbox Multimedia space exemplifies the unprecedented technological aspects of NAS. In this area students are able to create virtual and augmented reality demonstrations, stop motion capture, show digital media displays, and hold interactive events. Virtual Reality technology is one of the fastest growing mediums of media and gaming in today’s industry and RMIT’s Blackbox Media area gives students the tools to experiment within this realm. These new opportunities presented by NAS make RMIT the perfect university for technologically minded students.

NAS will bring students a unique display space for exhibiting audio visual creations with the introduction of the Innovative Design Showcase (IDS). The IDS is a flexible space enriched with technologically advanced A/V systems, automated projector screens and stage lighting. Its versatility to be used in ‘Lounge Mode’, ‘Event Mode’ or ‘Display Mode’, and adaptable screening options allows it to be utilised by all students no matter the area of study. It reaffirms the ability of NAS to promote and encourage students to share their work with others.

IDS.jpgSketch of the Innovative Design Showcase


The importance for students to establish industry connections is higher than ever and almost imperative in landing a graduate position. NAS will assist students in building this relationship with the construction of the Experience Design Centre (XDC). In this specialist space students will be able to co-design and innovate with RMIT alumni and industry professionals. Using a range of immersive video technologies and trained facilitators and researchers, students will attempt to solve real life business problems. Not only will this provide the chance to form industry connections but it will also expand their own work portfolios and improve their curriculum vitae. The XDC will also coordinate workshop activities led by RMIT staff to design, build and test solutions for industry professionals, aiming to enhance and refine the skills of students.

The technological benefits of NAS are not limited to those related to the creation, collaboration and sharing of media. RMIT Connect now provides easier access to student administration with the digitally enabled service centre. Students will be able to book appointments remotely via text or webpage to reduce waiting time. The eight self-serve kiosks will also improve efficiency of administration. RMIT’s new Library Precinct will also be improved including high speed Wi-Fi, extra power outlets, USB charging facilities and other technologies.

These advancements illustrate RMIT’s willingness to be a leader in all things technology amongst universities.

Featuring unparalleled technologies NAS will become a beacon of opportunity for all technologically minded students.

This piece is a student work, some details may not be completely accurate.

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