A City of Laneways (blog)

Melbourne is the city of laneways.

With RMIT occupying a large area within the heart of Melbourne, the university is hoping to add some of their own to the city’s collection. The New Academic Street will contribute new laneways which have been designed to cut through the ground floor of multiple buildings of the city complex. The entire design scheme is aimed to engage students with the campus, like how one would typically explore the city.

The laneways in Melbourne are known worldwide for their rich culture and history. Bustling with their own food and retail sites, these laneways are the epitome of Melbourne and the new throughways will reflect this.

The laneway scheme, designed by five RMIT alumni architects, will bring a contemporary and unique style across the entire precinct.

Intersecting Swanston Street with Bowen Street, these walkways will open the campus to the contemporary streetscape of the CBD. By expanding the entry of the laneway beneath Building 8, it will create an inviting atmosphere that appeals to students, staff and the surrounding workers and residents. This will introduce the new retail activation site in the building above to a diverse range of city traffic, changing the way the university interacts with the city landscape.

In conjunction to this, there will be two secondary entrances for Buildings 10 and 12. Providing walkways that link Swanston and Bowen Streets will introduce a more fluid movement for students and staff. The introduction of these new throughways will also bring foot traffic to the previously impenetrable buildings, which will hopefully increase the number of students and staff that utilise the new educational and recreational spaces.

Explore more of the new precinct landscape on the NAS website. https://nas.rmit.edu.au

This piece is a student work, some details may not be completely accurate.

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