Somano Khumalo is employed as a casual administrative assistant in the New Academic Street project office while he’s studying a Bachelor of Business at RMIT.

What degree are you studying at RMIT?

I’m studying a Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance).

What’s your role at NAS?

NAS Administrative Assistant

What duties do you undertake in your role?

It depends on the day! My tasks vary and can range from:

  • NAS Website
  • Issues management
  • Database Analytics
  • Administrative tasks
  • Assisting and Coordinating NAS events

How did you go about finding this job?

I was already working at the time but just wanted a new position within the University, and I was fortunate enough to see the position advertised on Jobs on Campus, I then applied and shortly got the position!

As a current student, what outcome of the NAS project are you most excited for?

Definitely the Retail Precinct. At the moment there’s limited variety of food attainable within the University, although I enjoy going to Melbourne Central and Emporium to get lunch, it’ll be great and convenient to have more Retail Precincts accessible on campus.

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