Pauline Jungco is studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) at RMIT’s City campus. She works casually for the NAS team as an Administrative and Promotional Team Assistant.

What degree are you studying?

I’m studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications)

What’s your role at NAS?

NAS – NAS Administrative and Promotional Team Assistant

How did you go about finding this job?

I found this position through the RMIT Career Hub. I thought I would fit the role since I’m friendly, outgoing and not one to shy away from a crowd.

What duties do you undertake in your role?

I started my role at NAS as a Promotional Assistant, which involves many tasks including handing out flyers and talking to students about the NAS project, as well as wayfinding for students who are lost due to changes brought on by construction works. But what I enjoy the most is the site activations and events I help out at. Recently, alongside these jobs, I’ve been assisting with administration tasks such as hiring new promotional assistants (like me) and liaising with those new staff about upcoming work.

As a current student, what outcome of the NAS project are you most excited for?

I’m excited for the rooftop garden and terraces, as I think that RMIT needs more outdoor places for students to hang out. Being in the city, it’s very easy to just stay indoors so I think more of these spaces would be a great addition to RMIT.

What advice would you give students wanting to make the jump from studying to working in the industry?

I think being flexible and have a ‘can do’ attitude is key. I never thought I’d be able to do the things I am doing now until I had a go at it. When the opportunity to be more involved with NAS through administrative work came about, I just took the opportunity and went with it and that’s how I got to the position I’m in today.

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