Matt_Houston_Profile_Picture resized v3Matt Houston is a Diploma of Photo Imaging student at RMIT, and works for the NAS team as a photographer.

What degree are you studying?

I am currently studying the Diploma of Photo Imaging.

What’s your role at NAS?

Photographer. I could be shooting anything, from events to the opening of new spaces in NAS. Even shooting construction progress or guided tours of the new spaces.

How did you go about finding this role?

I had shot a lot of events for RMIT as event shooting is one of my favourite types of photography. From shooting events, having a can-do attitude and just putting myself out there – well, NAS found me.

What does this role involve?

This role has taken me on some really great experiences. The summer NAS project was a lot of fun. It required going into the construction zone and shooting as well as working with a great team of students to get the shots. Interacting with new people and places has been the highlight for me in this. The role is always pushing me to get great pictures by adapting to the location and surroundings. So what does it involve? In short, I guess it’s following a brief and doing your best to go above and beyond expectations.

As a current student, what outcome of the NAS project are you most excited for?

Watching the progression of the new spaces has been exciting. I really can’t wait to see NAS when it’s fully complete and full of students utilising the spaces. I think the highlight will be shooting NAS after completion.

What advice would you give students wanting to make the jump from studying to working in the industry?

The best advice I could give to students would be to take on any work offered while you are studying. Without putting my hand up for extra jobs on campus, I wouldn’t have found awesome projects like the NAS. Having a can-do attitude will be a great help in taking your first steps into any industry.

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