Kat Profile resizedKatharine Chomkowicz was employed as a PR Assistant Intern in the New Academic Street team after completing a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) at RMIT.

What degree did you study?

I completed a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) at the end of 2016.

What’s your role at NAS?

I’m the PR Assistant Intern.

How did you go about finding this role?

I filtered through all the internship listings on CareerHub until I found one that didn’t use the term ‘social media guru’ and applied for it – which happened to be this position with the NAS team.

What does your role involve?

Going to NAS events on campus and interviewing students, writing articles for the NAS website, assisting with the EDMs we send out, drafting social media copy and content, tracking the comms output of the NAS office, coordinating content and resources for third year PR students, scheduling digital signage displays & putting maki rolls on the escalator handrails so it looks like a sushi train.

How did you make the step from graduating to finding a job?

I’d done a fair bit of intern work in my last year of uni which I felt set me up for finding a ‘real’ job pretty well.  I went to RMIT’s Job Shop like a good little nerd to get my CV & Cover Letter(s) looked over which helped get me through the door to a bunch of interviews. Once I obsessively read every single LinkedIn pulse article about interview technique and got over my debilitating interview anxiety, getting a job with NAS was a cinch!

As a past student, what outcome of the NAS project are you most excited for?

Definitely the vertical garden. Other than that the new study spaces are really cute and the garden building is going to be a great resource for students, both to use in their class time and just for somewhere to hang out.

What advice would you give students wanting to make the jump from studying to working in the industry?

Apply for as many jobs as you can. Don’t get put off by rejection emails or failed interviews or people who you think are doing better than you, and focus on figuring out how to sell yourself. Most people hiring for entry level jobs are looking for someone who’s fun to work with and eager to learn as much as they’re looking for someone with a strong skillset.

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