Grace Leone is Curator of the Urban Animators: Living Laboratory public art program.

What degrees have you studied and are currently studying?

I studied Architecture at RMIT sometime ago and am currently studying Master of Art in Public Space.

What are your current places of employment?

I teach within the School of Architecture and Design and work on the New Academic Street project.

What’s your role at NAS?

Curator of the Urban Animators: Living Laboratory public art program.

What’s your involvement in the NAS project?

My involvement in the NAS project includes assisting in implementing an artistic program which ties together the construction process of the NAS project and the RMIT community through artistic curation, learning and teaching.

What duties do you undertake in your role?

My role as curator includes creating the framework and curatorial direction for the Urban Animators program. This involves the creation and management of expression of interest processes, development and implementation of curatorial themes and briefs, engagement and management of artists, and fostering connections between the program, learning, teaching, research and industry connections.

How did you come across your position at NAS?

The position came about thorough discussions with the NAS project office around how art interventions could become part of a construction process within the campus.

As a current student and teacher, what outcome of the NAS project are you most excited for?

The NAS project has been a great opportunity for initiatives to be created such as Urban Animators which bring the RMIT community, its students, staff and alumni together through learning, teaching and research.

What advice would you give students wanting to enter the art industry?

Don’t lose sight of your dreams!

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