img_2807Darcy Spencer  was employed as a Project Administrator in the New Academic Street team after completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Infrastructure) (Honours) at RMIT.

What degree did you study at RMIT?

I finished my Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering and Infrastructure) (Honours) at the end of 2015.

What’s your current place of employment?

I am currently employed by RMIT as part of the New Academic Street Project team, which manages the redevelopment of Buildings 8, 10, 12 and 14 at RMIT’s City campus.

What’s your current role?

New Academic Street – Project Administrator.

What duties do you undertake in your role?

Throughout my time at NAS I’ve completed a varied list of tasks, whilst reporting to the Project Director. My main day to day tasks within the office include:

  • Managing the financial administration function for the Project Office’s Operational Budget
  • Maintaining the Risk Register for the project
  • Recording and administering Key Performance Indicators for the NAS team
  • Managing relocations of staff, students and furnishings as required by the project

How did you make the step from graduating to finding a job?

Initially, after graduation, I was overwhelmed by the prospect of job hunting. Many of my fellow Civil Engineering graduates had expressed their passion for a career path in Civil Engineering, while I was left questioning my dedication to this pathway. After a few months of applying for numerous jobs with no success I was notified by a fellow graduate of the role working within the NAS Project team, a role that seemed ideal for my current situation. Working with the NAS team has allowed me to gain experience and exposure to a large scale construction project which will drastically improve my future employment prospects.

As a past student, what outcome of the NAS project are you most excited for?

Upon the NAS Project’s completion, RMIT will be completely integrated into the city of Melbourne, as the campus opens up several new entrances along Swanston and Franklin Streets. The New Academic Street will provide easy access and a sense of fluidity when travelling around the city campus. I believe this integration will drastically improve RMIT’s public image and bring a modern feel to the campus for RMIT students.

What advice would you give students wanting to enter the construction industry?

Don’t give up! Try to ignore the disheartening effects of numerous job applications being rejected. If you continue to apply yourself, before long you will find a place in the workforce.

Story: Zoe Beer

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