Planning Students
From left: Anthony Angelevski, Muyu Li, Sam Duff and Jericho Perez. Image by Matt Houston.

Anthony Angelevski, Jericho Perez, Muyu Li and Sam Duff are all RMIT Planning students completing their work placement on the NAS project.

What degree are you studying?

We are studying a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning.

What’s your role at NAS?

As a part of our role here at NAS we have been doing research and work focusing on post-occupancy evaluations. This has entailed doing research, observations and creating surveys to capture information about how people are using NAS.

How did you go about finding this role?

As planning students in our final year of study we were required as a part of our course work to find a placement within the discipline of planning. RMIT staff recommended this placement, as it would be beneficial for building our careers and resumes for the future.

What does your role involve?

Anthony Angelevski – My role here at NAS as a student on placement has involved a range of aspects. Some of these aspects included post-occupancy research, creating and generating surveys, ethics applications and writing reports on our findings.

Muyu Li – As a team member for delivering a post-occupancy evaluation report, my day to day tasks are doing observation and data collection in Building 10, levels 9-13, Pyramid (Level 5), Silent room (Level 6) and Darth Vader spaces. Moreover, to transfer all the data into graphs for the report.

Sam Duff – My role involves completing post-occupancy evaluation by researching the behaviour and opinions the students and staff of RMIT have towards the NAS spaces as well as looking at how those spaces are being utilised.

Within the four person team that I work the most closely with, most of my work has focused on the ethical implications of the research that we are currently undertaking. I have also been creating the methodologies for designing our research, which includes generating surveys, questionnaires and other forms of measurements.

Jericho Perez – As a placement student, I am involved in a team of other Urban Planning students who are conducting research into how spaces in New Academic Street are being utilised. My role involved designing a methodology that we have used to collect data. We have collected the data and we will produce a report.

As a current student, what outcome of the NAS project are you most excited for?

Anthony – I am most excited to see the old buildings reinvigorated through the NAS project. I believe what will also be very interesting is the improvement of east-west connections for the university. Creating spaces that are inviting and for multiple uses will also be beneficial for all the students, as NAS has proposed having retail within the new precinct.

Muyu – The NAS project provides more spaces and facilities for students to improve their experience. As a current student, it feels really good to do something to contribute to RMIT.

Sam – I’m personally looking forward to the garden building, the new part of the building. The RMIT city campus needed a place to relax amongst some greenery, so it’s something to look forward to enjoying in my last semester once it opens.

Jericho – The new open spaces, particularly the balconies facing Swanston Street are the spaces that I’m most excited for.

What advice would you give students wanting to make the jump from studying to working in the industry?

Anthony – Some advice I would give students is to ensure they improve their time management skills and to be open-minded. I think it’s a bit daunting starting something new like this so it’s important to have an open mind and be open to doing things that may be challenging. What I would also recommend is that students ensure they have good time-management skills, as having more of a workload and having to meet deadlines is a crucial part of working in any industry.

Muyu – Don’t feel so stressed, be confident and trust yourself that you can do it.  Having a good attitude is the key for going from studying to working in the industry. You will learn a lot in the work placement, so don’t be shy to ask questions.

Sam – Go to as many networking events as you can to get a positive reputation, then don’t be afraid to use any connection that you may have. A connection might be able to help get you a job even if you aren’t as qualified as another candidate. Also, being able to balance a job and full-time university studies demonstrates that you are a proficient multitasker.

Jericho – Opportunity knocks only once! From my time at NAS, I’ve learnt that taking the challenge and opportunity is the first step into the industry.

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