Real life experiences for students on the New Academic Street project

The New Academic Street (NAS) project transformed the heart of the RMIT City campus creating laneways, gardens, new student spaces and better library facilities. The NAS project offered RMIT students a unique opportunity to learn and interact with a major construction project. The Student Experience initiatives concentrated on mitigating any issues affecting students by celebrating the launch of new spaces and activating new ideas with a strong focus on Work Integrated Learning (WIL).

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is an activity or program that integrates academic learning with its application in the workplace. The practice may be real or simulated and can occur in the workplace, at the university, online or face-to-face. Other opportunities arising from the NAS construction included voluntary placements, industry based projects, and simulated work experiences.

WIL is critical for increasing student employability and ensuring tertiary graduates make productive transitions into the Australian workplace. There has been an increased national focus on WIL and the development of the National WIL Strategy (2015) by key industry groups and Universities across Australia. A crucial part of RMIT University’s commitment to work related education is delivered through WIL.

Over the past three years the NAS project has employed RMIT students in roles related to communications, engineering, sustainability, urban planning, information technology and project management University wide from the Colleges of Design and Social Context, Science and Engineering and Business.

Post Occupancy Evaluation: Student Spaces

The New Academic Street Post Occupancy Evaluation was conducted by four Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Hons) students as part of their work placements at RMIT’s NAS project office.

Read more about Jericho, Anthony, Samuel and Muyu’s project here.

Reduce Waste Through Control of Portion Sizes

If food waste was a country, it would be the third highest producer of greenhouse gases in the world, after America and China.

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Recycling Behaviour Change in the NAS Precinct

The aim of this project is to study and research waste management, resource recovery and recycling in the NAS precinct.

Read more about Raffat’s project here.

Investigating Air Quality in the NAS Precinct

Air quality is closely related to ever aspect of daily life and can also influence our natural environment. Low quality of air environment could significantly impact on public health and social development.

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NAS Virtual Reality Documentary Film

The RMIT NAS VR provides an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience of the New Academic Street project at RMIT. The VR documentary invites the viewer to explore a digital space generated by cutting-edge technology.

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Food Promo App to Connect NAS Retailers with Students

With a whole lot of new retailers coming on board with the NAS precinct, we wanted a better way for our retailers to connect with students to send them their latest offers and deals.

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Sustainability Message on Campus

We were brought on board to work on a sustainability campaign, focused mainly on key messages around sustainability practices with NAS and subsequently the campus as a whole.

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"Constructive Criticism" and "The Design of the Swanston Library"

I was contacted by the NAS Project Office and wrote two articles for the magazine.

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NAS Architecture Article

I was contacted by the NAS Project Office to write an article about the architectural aspect of the NAS project.

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Indigenous Public Art: A Consultative Approach to Curating

As an Aboriginal woman and early carer curator studying the Master in Arts Management at RMIT, I am so thankful to have been a part of the NAS team who have made this project possible.

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Vertical Transport and People Movement in the NAS Precinct

RMIT’s newest construction project aims to improve the student experience by creating and upgrading facilities in the RMIT campus.

Read more about Annie, Osheen, Alber, Jun, Don and Peng’s project here.

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