The 2017 Urban Animators: Living Laboratory elective is open to undergraduate students from all disciplines during Semester 2. Students will be given the opportunity to respond to an industry-standard brief, working collaboratively to produce concepts that respond to the urban public realm.

The elective is offered by The School of Architecture and Design. It draws on existing partnerships with the New Academic Street Project Team and associated consultants –  such as builders and sub-contractors, students from the School of Art Master of Art in Public Space –  to provide valuable feedback and networking opportunities for students, with selected artworks commissioned for installation at the RMIT City Campus during the NAS project.

See examples of student work from the 2016 Elective

The course is coordinated and delivered by Grace Leone and managed by Roger Kemp (Program Manager Interior Design, School of Architecture and Design).

How to Enrol

Enrolment steps

  • Log in to myRMIT
  • Go to ADD classes
  • Course Title: Urban Animators: Living Laboratory
  • Subject Area and Catalogue number: OART 1050
  • Class Number: 1953
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Student Works installed on campus in 2016

Shuichi Kori 'Notice'

2016 Semester 1

“Notice is a manipulated caution sign highlighting the extremely high rate of suicide within the construction industry. Each phrase responds to illustrations of personal protective equipment as subjects within the dialogue of mental health.”

Rae Fairbairn ‘HIGHLIGHT’

2016 Semester 1

“This project subtly challenges the hyper-masculine environment of the construction site and, in turn, the larger field of architecture by installing contrasting and unexpected, ‘traditionally feminine’ visuals. This work challenges the traditional associations of femininity with the colour pink, by starkly placing it alongside materials such as concrete, building materials and power tools.”

Samatha Harlow-Black, ‘Making Place’

2016 Semester 2

“‘Making Place’ reflects on the changing urban environment during construction and the feeling of displacement in space when construction barriers are erected and caution tape is strung up. The artwork utilises the social activity of craft and the act of making to help create a strong sense of community and belonging, ultimately contributing to our sense of place. ‘Making Place’ is an invitation to people using Bowen street to come and be a part of a making activity designed to create a sense of place when it’s finished and displayed on site.”

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