This year, new RAD PODs will be available for students and alumni to showcase their businesses or sell products from their own entrepreneurial ventures. As a precursor to this, we’ve been teaming up with Melbourne Central over the past couple of years to host the RMIT Design Market. This is an amazing opportunity for you to test your products in a commercial pop up marketplace.

Check out our previous stallholders from the 2015 and 2016 RMIT Design Markets below.

Previous Stallholders

Clan Collective

Clan Collective is a multidisciplinary design studio that was founded by Claire Quirk and Daniel van Schaik in early 2015. The studio’s current collection explores the intriguingly beautiful medium of epoxy resin, through which a variety of diverse and unique artworks have been produced. This special collection features hand cut and poured resin artworks on plywood boards as well as hand crafted resin jewellery.

The Odd Sock

One lucent morning in a far away place, a funny looking creature descended from space. New to the earth and without any money, the strange looking hobbit began rubbing his tummy. He looked down at his feet that were covered in rocks, and decided right there he’d start start selling socks. The end. It’s normal to be odd.


Eubi enables you to charge your mobile devices on the go. These sleek devices fit neatly in your pocket and is a great backup tool in case of a 21st-century emergency. Eubi is a portable mobile charger distribution company based in Melbourne founded by passionate entrepreneurs.

Harry & Jane

Harry & Jane design and handcraft beautiful timber products for the home right here in Melbourne. From candleholders to bath caddies they believe that simplicity is key. Made entirely of reclaimed timber, Harry & Jane products are modern, environmentally friendly and functional additions to compliment your lifestyle.

Wildflower Jewellery

At Wildflower Jewellery we use the finest sterling silver beads and semi-precious stones to create bracelets and necklaces for any occasion. We also create various other pieces such as polymer clay earrings. We aim to create jewellery for the everyday woman and provide stylish options at great prices.

Te Claire

Te’ Claire is a Melbourne based artist who creates handmade ceramic artt. Focusing on materials and manual labour, her work takes a nostalgic look at the natural world and the everyday object reinvented by clay. Te’ Claire creates handmade porcelain ceramic art, including pinch pots, bowls, cups, plates, brooches and earrings. Many pieces include a hand drawn illustration. All materials are locally sourced and fired, and hand made in her sunny Brunswick studio.


Manuko is a Melbourne based business, born and bred from global adventures. We’re on a mission to create the highest quality organic products possible that create an experience of pure deliciousness for our customers and that foster a healthy, sustainable and beautiful world.

MAUDE Studio

An accessories brand inspired by iridescence, the underwater world, and all things shiny. MAUDE creations are endearingly designed in Melbourne using animal-friendly fabrics. Each MAUDE piece aims to evoke feelings of utter joy and adoration, shared with a true sense of uniqueness and individuality.

Metta Skincare

Pure natural skin care that nurtures your authentic beauty. Lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne from artisan-grown ethically sourced ingredients, Metta Skincare is more than just a product range, it is a conscious lifestyle choice that will leave you feeling good about your skin and the Earth.


Colourtation Anti-Stress books aren’t just colouring books – each illustration has been specially designed and approved by neuroscientist Dr. Stan Rodski and architecture student Jack Dowling to rapidly relax your brain. With over 30,000 books sold since April, they are selling Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 + Christmas Gift Packs… with pencils!

Generation 414

Generation 414 is a social enterprise producing 100% organic cotton bags and clothes made by survivors of sex trafficking. Their mission is to take care of the land on which we live on and to create a global movement inviting consumers to make a stand against social injustices.


VISKA paper is an emerging stationery business, designing fun and bold greeting cards for all occasions – especially Christmas!

The range of cards, featuring exciting colours and modern designs are all proudly designed and printed in Melbourne on recycled paper.

Made of Bamboo

Made of Bamboo is a small design studio that focuses on making simple, beautiful and sustainable toys and household products. The products are made by hand using environmentally responsible materials and finishes.

The Young Ones

The Young Ones (TYO) Magazine are excited to premiere Issue Two as the first of their themed issues, one which focuses on Australians working or studying abroad. The Young Ones is driven by the professional and personal experience of its editors, Petrea Dickinson and Katarina Matic, and their desire to make key figures in the industry accessible to design students, graduates and the wider creative community.


Isaac Francis is a Melbourne based maker and industrial designer who founded his studio in 2010 with a focus on materiality and simplicity. His uses beautifully thick cowhide from New Zealand and Italy to make bags, belts and small goods. Working as a boot-maker in his early days, he gained a strong understanding of leather which has translated into his products. All products are handmade to order in his small workshop in Brunswick East.

Nothing from Nowhere

Nothing from Nowhere is a collaboration between two architecture students Danica and Emily. NFN embraces the idea that while nothing is original, creativity can still be found from our influences. Together they’ve combined their love of making and architecture together to bring you a range of individually designed and handmade necklaces.

Studio GI

A Landscape Architect living in a Bottle – Studio GI are desktop gardeners who create your dreamed landscape in mini-scale from a design and architecture point of view. Their terrariums require minimal maintenance, with low light condition plants sealed in a bottle, which forms a self-sustaining water cycle and micro-environment. Great for home or office, whether on a desk, windowsill or bookshelf.

Until Dawn

Until Dawn offers a small collection of carefully curated unique, limited edition products from Australian Designers and Makers. Unearthing local talent based mainly in Melbourne and Sydney- jewellery, candles, art prints- that have classic appeal but also a modern twist in handmade design.

Dorkus Design

Dorkus Design craft laser cut jewellery with a focus on distinctive aesthetics. Their quirky, fun jewellery is unique showcasing  geometric, clean-cut shapes that are made in Melbourne.

The Smiths

The Smiths are third-year gold and silversmithing students offering handmade jewellery including rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces. Crafting stunning classic pieces and new-age designs, they offer something for everyone.

Sapling Candle Co

Sapling Candle Co. is a fun-loving natural soy candle company; designed in Australia and giving all profits to communities in Asia!

When you purchase your Sapling Candle, you’re not just receiving an insanely great smelling soy candle, you’re funding a small business for a woman, a community for the mentally disabled and a secure home for a child.


AORACREO was created by Cesar Marulanda to show that it is possible to live sustainably if we take recycling more seriously. Not only does Cesar create t-shirts, wallets and bags out of recyclable materials, he also aims to educate others on the potential of recycling and the negative impact plastic has on the environment.

Blanc Prints

Blanc Prints produces beautiful artwork that can be used as decoration or gift-giving. Their high-quality prints are not only affordable, but they are also made in Melbourne.

As Pouches

As Pouches makes lovely leather pouches from recycled leather jackets. Ideal to carry around your neck or shoulder, they add to a clean, effortless look.


Stolen Heart Collections

Stolen Hearts Collections curates clothing and accessories that have stolen their hearts. They think their collection will steal yours too.


Kodangs is a Bangkok-based brand founded in 2010 by three design students; Chanipa Nimakorn, Napatr Nimakorn and Pavitra Phornthanavarsit. With the belief that everyone is an inborn traveller and yearns to explore new places, new people and new aspects of life, Kodang designs aims to deliver a cultural experience through their bags, hats and accessories.

Pey Chi

Pey Chi is a designer and maker from Melbourne who creates items like hand-pulled screen prints, totes bags and vinyl stickers. Her gorgeous designs are inspired by her cute pup, Booster and her personal struggle with chronic illness.


ICAPHI founder Jessica Phippen is a contemporary artist, gold and silversmith based in Melbourne. Her designs are one-of-a-kind and she uses different materials to create her pieces. ICAPHI doesn’t only offer gold and silver jewellery, but she also uses resin, flowers and shrubs to make earrings and pendants.

Erinn Louise

Erinn Louise is an experienced textile designer who specialises in newborn and children’s clothing. With a funky, playful colour palette and quirky, detailed designs, Erinn’s produced a range of unique clothes – bik shorts, tees, singlets and baby leggings.

Shop Bitsy

Shop Bitsy offers a large selection of badges, pins, and also sell necklaces and other accessories! A small business run from Melbourne all the items in the store are hand made with TLC.

Kiaya Lee

Kiaya Lee creates t-shirts, accessories and stationery with a particular proclivity for ‘house’ themed designs.

Kiaya’s works depict old architectural elements and suburban landscapes from the Inner City Suburbs of Melbourne. She takes time composing her works through geometric form, using earthy and muted colours she is inspired by daily through Victoria’s ever changing, inclement weather.

Moments to Make

Moments to Make is a small Melbourne based company that produces simple and elegant customisable pre-cut sewing kits to make it easy for you to create clothing that you love.

Inspired by the experience of helping overwhelmed would-be-sewers while working in a fabric shop and astounding friends with quickly whipped up outfits, they decided to use their experience (of many successes but also failed attempts) by taking out the hard bits so you can focus on making beautiful clothing.

Kontras Co.

Kontras Co. was born out of love from two friends, Rocsanne and Kezia, who love to draw and collect beautiful paper good items. Together, they combined the beauty of drawing and powerful content to help people get organised, balancing their work and family life. Their product range varies from an annual diary, pocket planner, journal, notebook, to do list, colouring cards, and many others.

Stephanie Elicia

Stephanie Elicia is a Melbourne based Textile Designer. Her work is easily identifiable through her use of pearlescent inks, water colours and all things that sparkle! Drawing inspiration from wildlife conservation and native flora, Stephanie creates dream like narratives through her imaginative illustrations. Her current range consists of limited edition embroidery patches, home-wares and paper craft for the young and the young at heart.

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