You may have noticed there’s a fair bit of construction going on at the moment. Between the New Academic Street which will transform the heart of the city campus, and the Metro Tunnel project next door, it’s pretty hard to miss.

We’re delighted to be opening up brand new parts of campus for you this year – but with construction comes potential hazards; so for your comfort and safety, it’s important you pay attention.


Trucks and other construction vehiclesRMIT NAS Campaign

All construction sites need trucks and heavy vehicles. Some days are busier than others, but along Bowen, Swanston and Franklin Streets in particular, there are regular movements of large vehicles transporting equipment and rubble.

Tip: Always be careful around roads and campus driveways. Keep an eye out for vehicles and follow instructions from traffic controllers.


Distractions while moving around campusRMIT NAS Campaign

That SMS or email is pretty important…but walking around while you’re looking at a screen could be disastrous!

Tip: Keep an eye on where you’re going at all times.


Cyclists and bike pathsRMIT NAS Campaign

Exercising is great, and if you do ride your bike to uni, RMIT has some amazing bicycle storage facilities. Just remember to walk your bike when travelling through the City Campus to keep things safe for pedestrians. If you’re travelling on foot, be careful of bikes travelling down Swanston Street – it’s a major bicycle traffic route and bikes move quickly.

Tip: Keep to the footpath if you’re a pedestrian, or the bike path (or road) if you’re on a bike!


Trams and safe pedestrian crossingsRMIT NAS Campaign

Trams are big and heavy and pretty fast, and they don’t like being held up!

They drive down the middle of the road and are really hard to see around, so you often can’t tell what’s coming past behind them. Crossing in front of trams is highly dangerous, so cross at the pedestrian crossings.

Tip: Always cross at the pedestrian crossing, and wait till the lights go green.


Changing conditions on footpath and construction barriersRMIT NAS Campaign

As the Stage 2 construction is completed and Stage 3 begins, barriers (hoarding) will be moved and footpath and traffic conditions will change.

Even if it’s a location you visit frequently, your surroundings may change so always be alert when walking near construction areas.

Tip: Always keep on the lookout for changing conditions on footpaths.


Workers carrying equipmentRMIT NAS Campaign

There is a lot to do to finish NAS and there are hundreds of workers on site. They are constantly transporting equipment and other materials around, so kindly share the footpath with them and be careful not to bump them if they’re carrying anything heavy!

Tip: Share the footpath with workers and their equipment


Want added security?

SafeZone is a free app for all RMIT students and staff, that connects you directly to the Security team when you need help on campus. Download it on to your phone now!


It will all be finished soon, but for now… stay safe around campus!

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