As the New Academic Street construction gets underway there will be changes to access routes across the campus. To help students and staff have the easiest possible way-finding, we’ll be changing access routes over the duration of the project to match the construction works.



What has changed

Alternate route

Building 10 and 12 – levels 7 to 13

Building 14 – levels 5 to 13

Access from Swanston and Bowen Streets restricted To gain access to upper levels of Building 10, 12 and 14, take the stairways from Swanston Street entrances.

Building 10 entrance is from level 7 and above.

Building 12 is from levels 4 and above, with lift access via the new lift up to the main lift lobby in Building 12.

Building 8 lifts (Swanston Street) and Building 8 escalators (Bowen Street) take you to levels 4 and above.

For internal travel between Buildings 8, 10 and 12, take a lift to level 9 and follow signage through the corridor. This is also for Mobility Impaired access.

Staff or students requiring DDA will have to call Security on 9925 3895. Refer to the After Hours Access Document (pdf, 452kb) showing the new routes in the Building 8 section.

Please see the Mobility Impaired Access Maps (jpg, 1.1mb) for routes.

RMIT Connect RMIT Connect temporarily moved from Building 8 to Building 28 To access RMIT Connect from Swanston Street, walk up the pathway between Buildings 8 and 16. From LaTrobe Street, walk down Rodda Lane.

From Bowen Street, travel down the stairs behind Building 8, left of the Building 8 entrance. Follow the red RMIT Connect arrows.

For Mobility Impaired access, travel down Bowen Street towards La Trobe, turn right, then turn right into Rodda Lane.

Please see the Mobility Impaired Access Maps (jpg, 1.1mb) for routes.

Computer labs Computer labs moved from level 3 of Building 28 to level 7 of Building 8 Take the lifts in Building 8 up to level 7 and follow the yellow signage to rooms 8.7.48, 8.7.49 and 8.7.153.
Mobility impaired access points Access to Buildings 10, 12 and 14 have changed for those with mobility impaired access needs To access Building 12, take the new lift on Swanston Street ground level to level 4. Move across to the main lifts to access other floors.

Building 8 Mobility Impaired access is from Swanston Street but not via Bowen Street.

Level 9 can be used to move between Building 8 to Buildings 10, 12 and 14.

Library Access to Level 5 of the Library is closed temporarily

Level 6 is the only level currently available in the Swanston Library

Access to Swanston Library is via level 6 only.

Take the lift in Building 8 from Swanston Street entrance to level 6 or travel up the escalators from the Bowen Street entrance.

Access temporarily closed

Level 2,3,4 of Buildings 8, 10, 12 and 14
Level 5, and 6 of Buildings 10 and 12
Level 5 Swanston Library
Level 7, Building 12, majority of finger


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