RMIT’s central mail room has moved from Building 12 to Building 66.

Project: Mail room relocation to Building 66

Architect: Six Degrees

Commenced: 19 January 2015

Completed: 19 May 2015

The purpose-built facility, located on the corner of Orr and Earl Street in Carlton, houses Mail Services, RMIT Removalists and also stores the University’s vast collection of graduation gowns.

The central mail room handles over 1.1 million pieces of mail each year, with more than 5000 courier packages also passing through the facility.

Barbara Hood, RMIT Property Services, said staff are happier in the new space, following their move from the former under-building space in Building 12.

“The old space had an odd shape and was quite dimly lit, but the new rooms are filled with natural light, which the staff are really pleased about. The new amenities and wood finishing are so much better, there’s no comparison with the old space.”

Hood said project architects, Six Degrees, paid a great deal of attention to the needs of the facility throughout the design and construction phase.

“The mail pigeon holes have also been enlarged and improved. Previously, various mail parcel sizes did not fit in certain spaces – it’s a small improvement, but very important for the team and our systems.”

Importantly, there will be no change to existing mail room operating hours and processes due to the project, with mail still collected and dropped off to all central locations across the City campus.

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