The NAS project is well underway – see the great facilities and works that we’ve already delivered.


Consolidated projects – New Academic Street pre-works

Project Details Date completed
Building 202, Back-of-house Library staff facilities AV services relocated from Building 12, Level 3 which will be in the construction zone 9-Jun-15
High Voltage Lab and Control Room, Building 253 Built a new Microgrid Lab to replace the lab located in Building 10 on level 2. 20-Jul-15
Replacement Teaching Spaces, Building 10 and 12 Built a new sound studio to replace the one in Building 12 level 4. 13-Jul-15
Security Control Room, Building 5 Built new labs in Building 14, level 5 to replace those on level 4. 29-Jun-15
Light Structures Lab, Building 253 Built new sound and editing suites to replace those on Building 14 level 2. 13-Jul-15
Heavy Structures Lab, Building 253 Built temporary TV studios to replace the TV studios in Building 12, levels 2 and 3, which will be re-built in the Media Precinct during the construction process. 6-Jul-15
Microgrid Lab, Building 57 Consolidated HDR study spaces from Building 202, to be used for Library staff moving from Building 12, level 5. 25-May-15
SYN Media, Building 6  Fit-out of new student lab with 100 seats and 24/7 access to replace labs in Building 14 and Building 8. 28-Feb-15
Art, Sound and Editing Suites, Building 6 Moved back-of-house teams from Building 12, level 5 as this part of Swanston Library is in the construction zone. 25-Aug-15
TV Studios, Building 5 Moved Bundoora-based Labs to Building 253 and Building 251. Made way for construction of Light Structures Lab currently located at the City campus in Building 10 on levels 2 and 3. 5-Jan-15
Applied Science Teaching Labs, Building 14 Moved from Building 24, level 2. 28-Feb-15
Audio Visual Services, Building 73 Moved from Building 5 to make way for new TV studios to replace those in Building 12, level 2 and 3. 27-Feb-15
Building 66 (Mailroom and Centre Store) Moved teaching spaces from Building 10 and 12, levels 2 and 3. 7-Sep-15
Postgraduate study spaces, Bundoora Building 214 Moved the RMIT Security Control Room from Building 14, level 3. 26-Jul-15
Ngarara Willim Centre, Building 5 Moved to a purpose-built building located across Victoria Street  on Orr Street. 8-Jun-15
Relocation of Computer Labs and Mechatronics Lab, Building 253. Moved to Bundoora to replace the Heavy Structures Lab located in Building 10, levels 2 and 3. 20-Jul-15
New SECE teaching spaces in Building 10 Moved to Bundoora to replace the High Voltage Lab and Control Room in Building 10 on levels 2 and 3. 25-Aug-15
Escalator upgrade, Building 8 Moved to Bundoora to replace the Light Structures Lab located in Building 10, levels 2 and 3. 20-Jul-15
Stairway entrance, Building 8 Movied the Ngarara Willim Centre from Building 12, level 4. 18-May-15
Applied Soils Science Lab, Building 7 New sound studios to replace those in Building 14, level 2. 27-Feb-15
24-Hour Computer Lab, Building 28, Level 3 New stairway entry off Swanson Street leading directly to level 3, which enables easier access to the centre of the campus. 2-Mar-15
Photography Lab, School of Art, Building 2 Offices for Link staff to replace those in Building 8, level 3. 9-Feb-15
Sound Studio, Building 94  Removed and replaced old escalators, which enable more efficient people movement through Building 8 as part of the overall project. 2-Mar-15
Link offices, Building 94 Upgrading vacant spaces in Building 10 and 12, level 7 suitable for teaching during the construction period. 9-Mar-15


New Academic Street milestones

Project Detail Date completed
Swanston Library Transformation Relocation of collection 17-Jul-15
RUSU Real Food cafe Relocate RUSU café to Building 8, level 4, next to the new Student Hall (RMIT Connect) 26-Aug-15
Swanston Library Transformation Increase/upgrade student study spaces in Building 8, level 5 and 6, to 1000 25-Sep-15
First phase of Student Hall (RMIT Connect) Temporary Student Hall in location of Building 8 café 25-Sep-15
Mega Flex Student Hall Spaces Large flexible spaces adjoining the temporary Student Hall (RMIT Connect) that can be used at busy student times, like enrolment, to manage student queries. At other times it will be open for student use 25-Sep-15
Building 10 theatre stack refurbishment – Student Portals Three new multi-level study spaces located between levels 9 – 13 of Building 10. 330 new student study spaces overlooking Bowen Street Mar-16

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