Regular updates and announcements about construction works, project deliveries and potential staff and student impacts.

New Spaces opened in Swanston Library

The Swanston Library has opened new spaces in the Gillespie and Casey infill buildings across levels 5 and 6. Check out all of the new student spaces, including the new ‘Star Wars’ study pods and the new Library entrance in Building 10, level 5.

Click to see the map of the new access pathways.

 Stage 2 handover schedule

Stage 2 handover is almost complete. The focus is on the last few touches in 10, 12 and 14, and on the remaining works on the Swanston and Franklin Street balconies. The hoarding line has changed so Lendlease is currently installing acoustic hoarding across the precinct and this will reduce noise and dust impacts as the precinct footprint changes.


1. The Hall housing RMIT Connect (Building 10 level 4); Experience Design Centre(Building 8, level 4); new DDA lift (Building 12) COMPLETE 02 FEBRUARY 2017


2. 70% of the Media Precinct

(Building 12 & 14, levels 2 & 3); Student Spaces (RUSU Central;Compass Drop In Job Shop) and 20% of retail spaces; 50% of Library spaces on level 5 & 6 and Student Portals (Building 10, level 7 & 8)

3. Rest of Library level 5


4. Rest of Media Precinct; rest of Student Spaces on level 4; rest of library including external terraces


5. Rooftop Terraces


6. Swanston Street Balconies; Atrium light well (Building 10)

Information about the phased hand back is available via:

  • An Interactive Map on the NAS website (go to the Opening Dates tab)
  • Access maps showing what’s opening that will be handed out, and
  • Wayfinding signage on the hoarding.

At the end of June there will be 13,000 square metres of new space and more than 2800 student seats available across the new Media Precinct, the Hall and RMIT Connect, the new Library in Buildings 10 and 12 levels 5 and 6 and in Building 8 on level 5, the Retail Food Market and in Bowen Street.

Stage 2 is the largest phase of the project, completely re-constructing five levels, and constructing two new buildings. The third and final stage of the NAS project will be completed by July 2017.


The previous Library entrance in Building 8 level 5 closed at the end of 2016. Level 5 will be refurbished over the holiday period, re-opening early 2017. The new Library entry is on level 5 in Building 10. Check the Library opening hours here.


City Fitness has relocated to the Melbourne Baths. From Monday 21 November members can use the Melbourne Baths with their City Fitness membership. Personal training sessions will be held in Building 13 level 1, room 2. The Gym will re-open in early 2017.

Swanston Street

Hoarding has been established three metres from the front of Building 8 and a gateway will be installed to allow construction vehicles to enter and exit. Traffic spotters will be managing safe pedestrian and traffic movement. These measures will be in place until mid-2017, when the NAS works are completed.

Rodda Lane

NAS and other construction vehicles are using Rodda Lane for after-hours access to Building 8 construction works. Traffic barriers and spotters will be used to ensure the area is safely managed.

Lifts Buildings 8, 10, 12

  • Building 10 Lifts still operating between levels 4 – 13, no access to levels 3 and 5.
  • Building 12 Lifts operating business as usual.
  • Building 8 Lifts operating business as usual, except for levels 2 and 5.

2017 NAS calendar

To help staff plan meetings and events around construction dates we have created the 2017 New Academic Street calendar, which lists important construction dates such as RDOs, site shut downs and holidays, as well as important RMIT dates.
Download the 2017 RDO calendar (pdf, 133kb)

Proactive issues management

We have been proactively advising academic staff when out-of-hours works may impact on classes. Working with timetabling, we are moving classes that can be moved.
If you are teaching in spaces close to the construction zone, expect to receive notifications via your School Manager. In the event construction noise is too loud, call HR Assist on 9925 0600 (during hours) or Security on 9925 3895 (out of hours) and a representative will come and monitor the noise to see if it is outside of the acceptable thresholds or possibly move your class to a space in Building 51 set aside for this specific purpose.

Building 10, 12 and 14 cleaning

Extra cleaners have been engaged to clean the foyers and stairs of the three buildings.

Incident Reporting Process

The New Academic Street project may cause temporary impacts to staff and students at RMIT’s City campus. This video steps you through the reality of how impacts will be managed and who staff need to contact if an issue arises.

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